Make Those Headlights Shine

You need headlight restoration if it's hard for you to see the road and for other drivers to see you.

You’re thinking of taking a day trip to Lodi so the kids can have fun at the Bugology event at the World of Wonders Science Museum. After that, a bit of wandering around, dinner, then the drive back home. That sounds like fun, but before you go, check your headlights and tail lights to make sure they’re working and are clean enough to light the way. That’s especially important in the winter, when the days are shorter, according to the Car Care Council.

“With fewer daylight hours in fall and winter, it’s important to make sure your vehicle’s lights and wipers are working properly so your visibility is not compromised and you can be seen by others,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “From the driver’s seat, you may not notice a light that isn’t working, so inspect all of your car’s lights and replace those that are out.”

The council notes that making sure your headlights are in good working order is one item that needs to be done as part of a regular car care routine. The council offers these other headlight tips to help keep you safe on the road:

  1. “Keep headlights, tail lights and signal lights clean. External dirt and debris can dim operational lights from being seen by others.
  2. “Make sure that your headlights are properly aimed. Misaimed headlights blind other drivers and reduce your ability to see the road.
  3. “If there is any doubt on whether or not your headlights should be on, turn them on. Lights not only help you see better in early twilight, they also make it easier for other drivers to see you.
  4. “Don’t overdrive your headlights; you should be able to stop inside the illuminated area, otherwise you are creating a blind crash area in front of your vehicle.”

If you notice that your headlights (or tail lights) need help, the place to call is Don’s Mobile Glass. Don’s has been providing headlight restoration and other auto glass services to the Central Valley area for more than 55 years. We’re available 24/7/365 and we come to you. So there’s no need to interrupt your day or schedule to come to one of our offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock, or Merced. If you happen to need something other than auto glass, we’re the experts in all other types of glass, from residential to commercial, from replacement windows and skylights to glass shower doors. Don’s does it all.

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