The Sky’s the Limit

Invite the sky into your home or office with a glass ceiling or a simple insulated-glass skylight.

Are you one of those people who just can’t wait to get outdoors? Any chance you get, you can be found outside whether it’s on one of Modesto’s walking paths, bike paths or golf courses. And it’s not so much that you enjoy chasing a little white ball as that you just like being outside. Or maybe you like the outside just fine, but you’re content simply to watch it from your windows.

Either way, you find you’re most content when you can bring the outdoors in. Bringing the outdoors in while preserving privacy in a really crowded village was the problem confronting Hong Kong’s Head Architecture when it designed a small house on China’s Lantau Island. Head solved the problem by building the house around a glass ceiling. The rooms are on the outside of the building and surround an open inside (think atrium) that is covered by glass. Light pours through the center of the multi-story home providing a natural ambience.

If you like the concept of light pouring in from above during the day and star- and moonshine at night, you don’t have to build a whole new house. You can get the same effect by one or more skylights strategically placed in one or more rooms.

If that’s what you want, Don’s Mobile Glass can help you get it. Don’s Mobile Glass has served the Central Valley are for more than 50 years with all types of glass – residential, architectural, commercial and auto. We’re especially known for our insulated-glass replacement windows and skylights. And, we’re easy to find with branches in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced. If you dream in glass, Don’s can deliver it.

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