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Getting glass clean and streak free doesn't have to be a hassle, Don's can help.

You’re pulling out of your driveway on the way to today’s Turlock Lake Road Race when you notice that you really ought to clean your windows. Ugh. Window cleaning is no one’s favorite job even though sparkly, streak-free windows really perk up the curb appeal of your home or business.

Well, howstuffworks.com says it doesn’t have to be that way. The site says, “Cleaning glass is more about the tools than the elbow grease.”

Howstuffworks has some tips to help:

If you’re diluting your cleaner with water, use distilled water because “it doesn't have all the minerals in it that can be present in the water from your tap, so it won't leave behind any streaky deposits.”

Soap suds are a major culprit when searching for the cause of streaks. So, if you have to use soap to clean a glass-topped table or other glass, “go easy. It doesn't take much soap to get rid of that dirt, and using too much will result in an overly dense cleaner that can leave a streaky residue on the glass. And speaking of residue: It's perhaps the biggest glass-cleaning mistake so many of us make.”

While you’re getting rid of suds, do the same for paper towels which can leave lint-laden streaks. “Instead, go for a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, or, best yet, a handful of newspaper. Your morning read does an amazing job on glass. If you go with the newspaper, be sure to wear gloves. That ink gets everywhere.”

And the No. 1 tip: Buff the glass. “A chamois or a microfiber cloth is best, although a regular rag will do. Keep it dry, and just buff over the glass when you finish cleaning it. You'll find those streaks just disappear.”

Of course, the easiest thing to do is to use Don’s Mobile Glass' cleaner and water stain remover. It’ll make your job easier and keep your glass gleaming. Don’s is also the place to go for all glass products from commercial glass to residential and auto glass. We’ve been supplying glass products of all sorts – mirrors, replacement windows, doors, glass showers – to the Central Valley for more than 55 years. We have offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced. But when it comes to glass repair and replacement, we come to you. So, whether you need glass cleaner, glass repair or glass replacement, call Don’s.

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