Green Architecture

When you want an energy-efficient, attractive building, use glass.

With threats of global warming and the ever skyrocketing costs of energy, one of the major goals in architectural design today is the creation of energy-efficient, but attractive buildings. And one of the hot (pun intended) materials in green architecture is glass.

That might shock some, but, as explains, “The design and placement of glass is a vital component of green architecture. It allows for natural light and integrates the interior of office and residential buildings with the exterior. Natural light improves productivity in the workplace and helps maintain a healthy environment. Equally important is that glass materials and design promote energy efficiency.”

In addition, glass is aesthetically pleasing and “harmonizes the building with its environment” while also being “recyclable, nontoxic and tough to break. When building glass does break, it’s easy to replace,” ehow notes.

When you think of using glass for commercial, industrial, or office spaces, think Don’s Mobile Glass. We have manufactured and installed glass in storefronts, restaurants, office complexes and other commercial and industrial settings for more than 55 years. We serve the Central Valley in the areas around Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced. If you want a simple glass door for your building, an entire glass building, or anything in between, call Don’s.

Don’s Can Help You Be Green!


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