Let the Light into Your Business

When you're designing a commercial, office, industrial, or other business space, one way to save money and have a visually stunning building is with skylights.

As energy costs continue to climb, building owners and architects search for ways to save energy and thereby save money. One of the best ways to do that and still have a building that is architecturally stunning is the use of glass. Skylights, for example.

As the state of California’s energy department points out: “Skylights equipped with photosensors and lighting controls can cut energy use in commercial buildings by reducing the use of electric lighting whenever sufficient daylight is present. … A grocery store in Valencia, California, used skylights and photocells to reduce lighting energy use by 30 percent during a monitored two-week period. … (And) electric light use decreased by two-thirds during peak daylight hours.”

That’s quite a savings.

When you decide you want to install skylights in an existing building, or include them in your new office, retail or commercial space, call Don’s Mobile Glass. We have a full range of energy-efficient, insulated glass for all applications from skylights to windows to walls. We’ve been supplying custom glass for commercial buildings in the Central Valley area for 55-plus years. We’re active in the community and a proud member of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce.

Let Don’s Help You Create an Energy-Efficient Office or Commercial Space!


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