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We are lucky to have such a wide array of vehicles here in our shop at Don's Mobile Glass! Especially during the summer, with the great cars shows like American Graffiti and Hot August Nights in our area, classic car owners want their glass in tiptop shape! Click here and take a look at just a few examples of some of the recent jobs we have worked on, including a couple early 50's Chevy pick-ups, and a ravishing red '63 VW Beetle Wolfsburg. We can install original manufactured parts for the windshields and back glasses, and we can cut flat laminated safety glass for side and wing windows. In this '70 Porsche we were able to reseal the back glass that, with over thirty years of coastal cruising, acquired a slight air and water leak.

On the flip side, we also do work on new and luxury vehicles as well. Our experienced installers are trained to take their time, and the all proper precautions to ensure the best quality of work on any car they work on. This Bentley had an issue with its rear door regulator, that actually entailed us pulling the back seat to access the door panel to replace the parts. Carefully put back together this black beauty is ready again to ride in style!

So whether you drive a new car off the lot, take pride in restoring a classic, or anything else between, if you have any automotive glass needs we can help you with that!

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