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Moon roofs are great, but sometimes they break and you need to find an auto glass repair expert.

You remember the question when you bought your car: What’s the difference between a moon roof and a sun roof?

The easy answer is: Not much. A moon roof is simply a type of sunroof.

As explains: “Just as a sedan is a distinctive type of automobile, a moon roof is a type of sunroof. Sunroof is the generic term used to describe any panel in a vehicle roof which can let in light and/or air. While most sunroof panels are operable, some may be fixed.

“The term moon roof was used in the 70's to describe a glass panel inbuilt electric sunroof, and is now used generically to describe all glass panel inbuilt sunroofs. An inbuilt sunroof is one where the operable panel slides between the vehicle roof and headliner, and is often powered but may be manually operated.”

But you don’t much care at this moment because, moon roof or sunroof, it’s in pieces with shards of glass all over the seats and floor. You’re going to have to clean out your car and figure out how to fix it before going to Patterson’s Apricot Fiesta this weekend.

Don’t stress out. There’s another easy answer: Don’s Mobile Glass.

Don’s has been the auto glass replacement and repair expert in the Central Valley for more than 55 years. We’re available 24/7/365 to come to you to repair or replace any type of auto glasswindshield, mirror, side window, moon roof, or sunroof. You won’t have to wait long – Don’s has nearby locations in Modesto, Turlock, Manteca and Merced.

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