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Get that auto glass repair done before you go anywhere for Labor Day.

You got home a bit late from work last night, but no matter. You spent the rest of the evening packing for that Labor Day weekend camping trip. You got up extra early to pack the car this morning and, then you saw it, the smashed passenger’s side window. Nothing was taken, so it was probably a bit of vandalism. But, now, you’re presented with a problem. You were planning to take Buddy with you on the trip. Buddy, true to his doggy nature, loves camping and running around in the woods. And you and the kids love to have him along.

You’ve looked closely at the damage and it doesn’t appear that there’s any glass protruding that could cut Buddy’s paws if he stands up and hangs his head out the window. And he will do that if the window isn’t up. Things should be okay, right?

Well, no. Dog experts warn against allowing a pet to hang his head out the window to let his ears flap in the breeze.

“First, if the window is open far enough for your dog to stick his head out, it is possible for him to fall out of the open window.  An excited dog may even jump out through the car window to chase an enticing object,” says.

Petmeds adds, “As most people can tell by a quick look at the little dings on their car, road debris is everywhere.  A dog’s eyes may be injured by road debris such as dirt and small rocks, as well as larger objects outside the car window such as low-hanging trees. Additionally, the flapping of the ears from high-speed wind can irritate or damage the sensitive ear flaps.”

The best thing you can do is call Don’s Mobile Glass to get the window fixed. Don’s has been the auto glass repair and replacement expert in the Central Valley for more than 55 years. Don’s has offices in four cities to provide auto glass repair and auto glass replacement – Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced. But Don’s is even more convenient than that. Don’s comes to you and fixes your vehicle wherever it is.

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