Looking Through Glass

If you want to enjoy the view from your porch, try using glass as part of your stair and porch railings.

Picture this: You’re slouched in a chair on your porch trying to enjoy a view of the yard where you’ve spent months slaving over the landscaping. Trouble is, unless you sit up (perfect posture, please), you can’t really see it because the porch railing is in the way. Those spindles are attractive but they do block the view.

Now, picture this: You’re in your home and you want a sleek, uncluttered look. But that stairway just isn’t working. The stair rail and spindles just seem to cut the room into visual pieces rather than providing a more expansive, sleek look. You’ve seen rail-less stairs in decorating magazines and love the look but question the safety. Especially if you have kids.

There is a solution to both problems: Glass. Glass railings. Glass balusters. (Get a look at the pictures at houzz.com for ideas.)

The balusters can take any shape, from clear glass panels to smaller pieces cut in forms that can mimic wooden spindles. The glass is tempered so it’s not going to break meaning safety is not a concern. And, if you don’t like the clear glass idea, you can tint it or frost it, or etch it. Or anything you want.

If you decide you want glass balusters or glass stairs, or any other kind of architectural or residential glass, you want to call Don’s Mobile Glass. We’re proud members of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce where our headquarters are located. But we’ve also got offices in Manteca, Merced and Turlock. We’ve been supplying all types of glass – residential, architectural, custom, commercial, retail, office, auto – to the Central Valley for more than 55 years.

Let Don’s Help You Enjoy the View!

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