Naturally Light

A skylight may be the answer if you want to light up your home naturally.

When you’re decorating – or redecorating – your home, you probably think a lot about coordinating colors. Paint. Drapes. Upholstery. But, if you’re like many of us, you don’t think about lighting. At least not until the process is almost over, then you might find a wonderful fixture or lamp that sets things off. But what you may not think about is the effect of the lighting itself on the room, the colors and the ambience.

“If that is indeed the case though,” says, “you are doing it at your own peril as fabulous lighting can often make or break the look of your home.”

What’s an easy way to bring light into a room? Skylights.

As decoist says, “There is a very specific reason why skylights and their usage have become so very popular in recent times. Sure, there is the aesthetic appeal and the fascination that comes with watching the night sky delve into your living room, but the real reason goes way beyond what meets the eye. With the highly eco-conscious clients that designers and architects are having to deal with in the last 5 years or so, the idea of a skylight seems almost a must for a green home. … Skylights obviously offer natural ventilation that light up the dark corners without having to depend on conventional power sources and lighting fixtures. They are also great for regulating internal temperature of a structure in a natural fashion and all this helps in cutting down energy bills.”

And they’re not just for high-end residences. One or more strategically placed skylights in a room and the whole look changes. And it continues to change throughout the day and evening as the sun moves across the sky and the moon and stars come out.

When you decide you want one or more skylights, call Don’s Mobile Glass. We’ve got more than 55 years’ experience in the Central Valley installing all types of residential and custom glass from skylights in new or existing buildings, to shelves to walls to windows to floors and everything in between. We’re members of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce and we also have offices in Turlock, Manteca and Merced. So we’re always close by. And, we make house calls. So when you want energy-efficient, insulated glass skylights (or windows or walls or doors), call Don’s.

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