A Touch of Glass

Want custom glass cabinets but can't afford them? Don's Mobile Glass can help.

When you staggered into your kitchen this morning, still half asleep, all you saw through partly open eyes was a sea of cabinets that look, as kitchens.com describes, “like a storage room.” The overall feel is “dark and heavy.”

But there is a solution. No, it’s not taking a sledgehammer to the whole room. Much as you might like to. That can be expensive. You can use glass inserts in your cabinets – a much quicker and less expensive way to change the character of your kitchen. It’s a “great design option to add visual interest, especially on stock cabinets that might otherwise lack unique touches. Glass will also reflect light, brightening your kitchen and making it appear larger,” kitchens.com says.

Glass is still an option even if you’re worried about fingerprints or about giving people a clear view of your cram-packed, haphazardly stashed pots and pans. That’s because glass comes in a variety of textures, patterns and opacity (clear, frosted, etc.) that can also add a unique, personalized decorative touch to your kitchen.

Just ask Don’s Mobile Glass how glass will fill the bill. We started out in Modesto doing windshields more than 50 years ago. We still do those but we’ve branched out into residential and commercial glass, much of it custom. We’ve also opened branches in Merced, Manteca and Turlock, so we’re conveniently located. So when you want a custom kitchen, call Don’s. When you can’t afford a completely custom kitchen, call Don’s anyway. We can add the touches that give your kitchen that custom feel and appearance without having to gut the place and your checkbook.

Don’s Can Help With Glass Cabinets!

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