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Sliding glass doors can be used as outer doors or inside to give a unique look to your home without taking up much space.

Home Design Lover, a website devoted to architectural and interior design inspiration, sings the praises of glass sliding doors:

“Sliding glass doors are efficient, space saving and minimal. They are perfect for homes with minimal space since the door can close and open without being too bulky on the space. Sliding glass doors also allows a lot of natural light that illuminates the home, as well as a lot of fresh air. They are usually large and mostly twice as large as regular doors, so it would be easy to pass through it or even move things around. They also give the impression and illusion of more space since glass creates optical illusions, a very great idea for small rooms to make it seem larger and comfortable.”

HDL goes on to show some amazing pictures of glass sliding doors – totally different than the usual metal or plastic installations you see in many homes. The pictures show some of the unlimited possibilities of glass sliders and points out they can be also be used indoors – say, to separate an office from the rest of the house. Privacy concerns? Not to worry. Glass can be frosted, etched, painted, stained, colored or textured. Whatever suits your fancy.

And when you decide you want to indulge yourself in some new sliding glass doors, or update existing doors with stylish new designs, call Don’s Mobile Glass. We can supply energy-efficient, insulated glass for sliding doors, windows, skylights, you name it. We can color it, paint it, have it etched, frosted, textured. We have more than 55 years in the Central Valley area supplying residential, commercial, retail, custom and auto glass to fit all needs and dreams. We have offices in Turlock, Manteca and Merced as well as our home office in Modesto, where we’re a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Let Don’s Help You Fulfill Your Glass Fantasies!

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