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It’s Hot. Want a Cold Shower?

Make that shower truly luxurious with glass. If you want to transform your bathroom into something truly special and luxurious, think glass. The obvious place to start is the shower, whether it’s a simple glass door or a glass-enclosed space with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a place to sit and contemplate the world while luxuriating…
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Big event in downtown Modesto!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? If you're brave enough to bear the heat, and fascinated with professional motor-sports, come downtown and experience the world of kart racing! Sponsored by Savemart Supermarkets, there will be lots of vendors, food, and family entertainment. And of course the main even of the nation's largest professional kart race, wheel…
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Fix That Ding!

A small chip or crack in your windshield can be repaired in short order. So you’re headed to tonight’s Nuts vs. San Jose home game when you see something flying at you and POP! - a small rock hits your windshield and leaves a ding. Dang it. But it could be worse. It’s small so…
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Yes it’s true…We’re making a big move!

Don's Mobile Glass's big move is in the works! Check out this article from the Modesto Bee! It is in the very early stages as of right now, but we are very excited for our up coming expansion in the Modesto area. We know its going to be a big change for our loyal customers, but we…
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Paint Your Heart Out

Painted glass sets off your personal space. No matter what your taste or decorating style, one thing you have in common with virtually everyone else on the planet is the desire to have your home or office be a unique space that reflects you. That can be hard to do when you set out to…
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Don's Mobile Glass: Helping keep your city safe Along with standard glass replacement for the city, we were also fortunate enough to be able to install all new glass in various city's SWAT vehicles. This one shown is for the City of Ceres. This glass, as you can imagine, is extremely thick and heavy! Installation took…
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Curved Doors? Sure!

Glass can add interesting shapes and designs to an otherwise boring door. Want to upgrade your kitchen but don’t have the time or money to gut the room and start from scratch? That’s a position a lot of us find ourselves in. You’ve probably decide to settle for repainting it and you’re now agonizing over…
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Window Shopping

The right windows brighten your interior and give you the perfect view to the outside. British pop comedian and magician Tommy Cooper once got a big laugh by telling his audience, “I went window shopping today! I bought four windows.” While that is pretty funny, there’s truth to it. Sometimes, you just have to go…
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Crash Crack!!!!

That's the sound of your windshield after an impact. You’re sitting at a stop light singing along to the radio when – CRASH! – someone rear ends you. Luckily, you and your passengers are okay but your car or truck’s rear window is another matter– multiple cracks. You might be tempted to leave it alone…
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On the Edge

Design is in the details. When you’re thinking of decorating, or re-decorating, your home, you want it to reflect you. And one way you can do that is using materials that you don’t find in most spec homes – like glass counters. But you can also go a step further with those – using those…
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