Fix That Ding!

A small chip or crack in your windshield can be repaired in short order.

So you’re headed to tonight’s Nuts vs. San Jose home game when you see something flying at you and POP! - a small rock hits your windshield and leaves a ding.

Dang it. But it could be worse. It’s small so it can be repaired rather than having to replace your entire windshield. But you need to call Don’s Mobile Glass first thing before your ding becomes a major crack that will require your windshield to be replaced. Don’s, with about 55 years’ experience in glass repair and replacement, will make things as easy on you as possible. We’ll come to you and, while you work or shop or sleep, we’ll get that windshield repaired usually in about 15 to 30 minutes. When we’re done, your windshield will be as good as new structurally and most of the clarity will also be restored. (Click here for more information on how we do it.) And with branches in Modesto, Merced, Turlock and Manteca, we’re always close by if you decide to come see us.

Let Don’s Help You Get Rid Of Those Dings!

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