Car Windows Leaking?

If the wind is blowing through your hair even though your car or truck windows are up, it's time to get the seals checked.

You’ve recently noticed a windy noise when you’re driving your car or truck even though the windows are up. Now you’re wondering if your vehicle has an air leak. It definitely does. As shows, no car or truck is completely airtight. They’re designed to let in some fresh air that “comes in the front of the car, circulates through the passenger compartment and leaves the car through exhausters in the rear. If the cabin of a car or truck were truly airtight, the windows wouldn't defrost, it would get unbearably hot in there and anyone inside wouldn't be able to breathe.”

The problems come when there’s too much of a leak because a seal between a glass part and the vehicle’s body has failed. Corrosion, age, accidents and body shop repairs can all contribute to a failed seal. Failed seals create noisy conditions in your car or truck and can let in water when you wash the vehicle or if it rains.

But those seals can be fixed, quickly and usually without replacing the glass. Just call Don’s Mobile Glass. We’ll come to you and repair or replace your window seals. We have more than 55 years’ experience solving all sorts of glass-related issues whether it’s auto, residential, commercial, industrial, or custom glass. We’ve done it all.

Let Don’s Help You Replace That Leaky Window Seal!

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