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Take care of the little things - like windshield chip repairs - and you won't have to worry about the big things - like windshield replacement.

Your day started off badly when you went to leave for work and you noticed a chip in your windshield. You’re not sure when it happened because you really haven’t been many places in the past few days – the Graffiti Summer kickoff on Saturday, the Graffiti Classic hot rod show on Sunday and work on Monday.

You didn’t necessarily have to be in your car when the chip happened. Autos.com says two of the most common causes of windshield chips are airborne rocks and airborne debris hitting your windshield. Your car could have been parked and the windshield hit by debris thrown up by a passing car. What’s more important is that you get it fixed.

“A chip in your windshield can cause a weak spot in the glass. This may make that part of the windshield susceptible to future chips or cracks. This is why it is best to keep an eye on any windshield chips you have,” autos.com says. “Repairing a chipped piece of glass is far less costly than replacing your entire windshield due to neglected damage. ... Repairing a windshield keeps the original factory installation and avoids environmental waste from throwing the old windshield out.”

Whether you need windshield repair or windshield replacement, the company to call in the Central Valley is Don’s Mobile Glass. Don’s has been the glass repair and replacement expert in the area for more than 55 years. We have locations in Modesto, Turlock, Manteca and Merced to serve you. But, you don’t have to interrupt your day by coming to us. As our name says, we’re mobile. So we come to you. Anytime. Any place.

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