Take Care of Your Windshield

With a bit of care, you can avoid some causes of windshield cracks so you won't be searching for a Modesto auto glass expert.

After much study and consideration, you’ve finally decided not only to buy a new car but which car you want. Once you get that shiny beauty sitting in your drive, you want to keep it that way. No scratches. No dings. No cracked windshields.

You can do it. But you have to take care. Not only care for that shiny paint job. You also need to care for your windshield. Of course, the main tip is to keep your windshield clean. And there are some other ways to help preserve that pristine glass. Here are some tips from carwindshields.info:

“Do not wash/clean auto glass when it’s hot. Heat can put a lot of stress on a car’s windshield, making it prone to stress cracks and similar damage. This is even more serious when water is applied to the glass as it introduces strong temperature fluctuations that can lead to cracks.

“Don’t forget to clean your windshield wipers on a regular basis! Dirty and squeaky wipers can easily lead to small scratches which later develop into serious cracks. ...

“Make sure that your windshield washer fluid levels are normal at all times. You never know when you might need to use it.”

Doing those things will help you avoid most windshield problems. But, sometimes, no matter what care you take, you get a ding, crack or broken windshield. (Practicing your golf swing for that upcoming tournament near your car probably isn’t a good idea.) It’s times like that when you need to call Don’s Mobile Glass. Don’s has been the Modesto auto glass expert for more than 55 years. We do windshield repair and other auto glass repair in Modesto and surrounding areas. With offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced, we’re always convenient. But, hey, we come to you to make it easier and more convenient. And we’ll make that windshield look just like new.

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