Clean Car, Scratched Windshield

Sometimes a car bath goes awry and you need to have a windshield repair guy make things like new again.

The news this week has all been about the new water restrictions. One activity that uses a lot of water is washing a car. How much water depends on how the job gets done, according to the Arizona Department of Water Resources. The department offers these figures:

  • Washing your vehicle at home, especially if you leave the hose running without an automatic shutoff valve – 148 gallons or more.
  • In-bay automatic car washes – about 72.5 gallons of water by rotating the washing equipment around a stationary vehicle.
  • Conveyer or driven automatic car washes – about 44 gallons per vehicle.
  • Self-service car washes – about 12 gallons per vehicle in desert regions.

That's a lot of water. But sometimes, your car is really muddy, dusty and dirty and has to have a bath.

If you’re going to take your car or truck to a car wash, Arizona suggests you find one that uses recycled water and recycles water. If you go to a self-serve station, you should make sure it has low-flow spray wand nozzles and/or automatic shut off valves.

If you’re going to wash at home, that state suggests you do so on the grass, in the shade and use a bucket and sponge with a hose rinse at the end. You should also make sure your hose has a nozzle that automatically shuts off when you put it down.

Those tips might help with water conservation, but they don’t do much for one bad result of car washing – scratched windshields and paint. That can happen whether you do it yourself (by using the “scratchy” side of a sponge to scrub off that smushed bug) or go to a professional outlet. Maryland car detailer Incredibly Detailed blames several factors from the use of recycled water that isn’t filtered correctly to the use of brushes and harsh chemicals.

The cause may not matter in the end, because all you see are scratches.

That’s when you call Don’s Mobile Glass. Don’s will come to the rescue whether it’s your windshield, rear window, side window, mirrors, headlights or all of the above. Don’s has been the expert windshield repair company in the Central Valley area for more than 55 years. And while we’re conveniently located in Modesto, Turlock, Manteca and Merced, we are mobile, so we come to you. And we’re not just here for windshield repair. We specialize in glass – custom, residential, commercial, auto, windows, shower doors, you name it – so when you need a glass repair shop, Don’s is the one to call.

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