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You don’t know quite how it happened, but it did. When you went to get in your car to go to Lucky Fest, you saw it. A crack in your windshield. Now you’re wondering if you can put off windshield repair or replacement until next week. You really don’t want to miss Lucky Fest.

It’s not wise to put off windshield repairs, but it is possible if it’s not too big and it doesn’t interfere with your sight. If you do decide to hold off a bit, Cars.com has some tips that may help keep the chip or crack from getting worse:

“Protect against dirt. Dirt that gets into a crack or chip can make it more difficult to repair. Placing a small piece of clear tape over the point of impact can help, but make sure that the tape doesn't block your vision when you're driving.

“Stay away from the sun. Park inside a garage or in a shady area. Letting heat build up in your car can weaken the windshield even further and cause the crack to grow. …

“Don't ignore the problem. Small cracks and rock-chip 'bull's-eyes' can spread if not repaired. Large cracks can affect your visibility and may even result in a traffic violation.

“Don't drive the car if a crack is longer than 12 inches or if a chip is larger than a quarter. The integrity of your windshield has likely been compromised.

“Don't blast your air conditioning or use your defroster on high. Extremes in temperature are never a good thing for a cracked or damaged windshield. If you must defrost your windows, warm the car up gradually by using the heater.

“Don't jolt your car or windows. Try to avoid slamming doors with the windows all the way up. Creating extra pressure inside the vehicle in this way can cause the crack to spread.

“Don't wash your vehicle. Water in the damaged area can cause your windshield to crack further.”

That all sounds great. But there’s really no need to put off windshield replacement or repair when Don’s Mobile Glass is around. We’ve been providing windshield replacement and repair to the Central Valley for more than 55 years. We’re conveniently located in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced. But we’re even more convenient than that because we come to you. If your windshield is so badly damaged that you can’t drive it to Lucky Fest – or anywhere else – we’ll come fix it in your driveway. Or, if you want to wait until you get to Lucky Fest, that’s good, too. We’ll fix it wherever you park it. You just go have fun.

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