Road Construction – Watch for Flying Debris

Road construction means flying debris and could have you searching for a windshield repair company.

When you look at a car on a showroom floor, all you see is shine. Shiny body. Shiny windshield. Shiny windows. While those windows shine, the glass in them is very different from that in the windshield. That’s because a windshield is made of laminated glass – which has a layer of polyvinyl butyral sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The resulting structure, according to, is very hard to break. But the side and rear windows are made of tempered glass, which is made by a special heating and cooling process. It’s also very strong – if it weren’t, every time you drive over a bump, you’d risk a broken window – but it’s not quite as strong as the laminated glass. There’s a reason for that – in the case of needing to get out of a car quickly, a weak or hurt driver or passenger might not be able to break the windshield. But kicking out or breaking side or rear windows is possible.

Of course, that means your side and rear windows are also subject to breaking, dings, chips and such if a rock or stone hits it. And considering the number of road construction projects around Modesto, it’s very possible for you to encounter debris-strewn roads.

If you get a ding, chip, crack or broken window – front, rear or side, the place to call is Don’s Mobile Glass. We’ve been the number one glass repair and windshield repair company in the Central Valley for more than 55 years. We have offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced, but we come to you. So when you need glass repair, chip repair, or windshield repair, call Don’s. We'll have your car windows shiny and new again in no time.

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