Let the Sun Shine In

It may no longer be the Age of Aquarius, but letting light in is good design.

One place few people visit unless they’re going somewhere by train is the Amtrak station on Held Drive. But for the Amtrak folks, it’s an iconic station that is featured on its greatamericanstations.com website. That site is devoted to “helping communities discover and develop the economic power of America's train stations.” Amtrak praises the architecture of the station, saying, among other things: “Crowning the station is a solid square tower sporting a hipped, seamed metal roof in a shade of light green. Large windows in the tower and on the ground floor allow natural light to flood the passenger waiting room and ticketing area. The expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass also give travelers a view out to the landscaped beds of colorful flowering trees and shrubs that surround the station. Swaying in the breeze, the verdant plantings provide a bit of softness in contrast to the building’s hard exterior surfaces.”

There’s a lesson there for homeowners, commercial and office property owners, architects and interior designers to let the light in. And a good way to do that is with glass – windows, walls, doors. And a good place to get those is Don’s Mobile Glass. Yes, we do windshields and such. But we also do commercial, home and office installations. And we’re conveniently located with branches in Modesto, Turlock, Manteca and Merced. We can do it all. All glass, that is.

Let Don’s Mobile Glass Help You Bring Light Into Your Life!


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