Walls of Glass

Whether your walls are interior or exterior, glass is the way to go.

Phoenician merchants are credited with the accidental discovery of glass around 5000 BCE when they rested cooking pots on blocks of nitrate. The heat from the cooking flames melted the nitrate, which mixed with beach sand and formed a liquid that, when cooled, became glass. It’s unclear when man first decided to mold glass into shapes. But by about 3500 BCE, the Egyptians were making beads – the earliest man-made glass objects.

Flash forward to today when glass is used for everything from decorative arts and jewelry to buildings themselves. Those buildings have walls made of glass - glass walls separating a conference room from the rest of the space; glass walls giving high-powered CEOs a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Glass walls are equally spectacular in homes: Allowing in light, making a room seem more expansive, merging the outdoors with the inside, giving a stunning view of mountains or lakes or cityscape or landscaped back yard. Glass walls can be used in any room from living and lounging spaces, to kitchens, to bedrooms and baths, to dining rooms (click for examples).

When you want to make a glass statement, whether it’s a window or a wall or an entire building, the people to call are Don’s Mobile Glass. We have more than 50 years’ experience in the Modesto area installing glass in cars and trucks, homes, offices, factories, anywhere you want.

Don’s Can Help You Build Glass Walls!

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