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It's frustrating when you're rushing to dress and you're having to shove someone else out of the way of the mirror. Don's has a solution.

Much as we might like to, most of us don’t live in a mansion. We struggle along daily wishing we had more elbow room. That can be especially true of the bathroom, particularly in the morning when you and your significant other are both rushing around trying to get dressed. Well, here’s one solution to stop some of the jockeying for space – a mirror that looks in two different directions. It’s bent, so that it has two planes, each pointed in a different direction.

As dornob.com describes the “dual-angled mirror”: “This design lets two people look at themselves, each from a different angle.”

You could spend a lot of time searching for such a mirror, or you could simply call Don’s Mobile Glass. We’ve been doing custom glass and mirrors for residences, commercial and retail uses in the Central Valley area for 55 years. We specialize in helping make your design dreams come true. And with offices in Modesto (where we are members of the Chamber of Commerce), Manteca, Turlock and Merced, we’re always close by.

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