It’s Done with Mirrors

Use mirrors everywhere - on walls, tabletops, even floors and ceilings - to add light and sparkle to your home.

It’s always fun to watch home design shows or thumb through decorating magazines and websites to gaze at the pictures and daydream. But sometimes you just think, “If only I had a huge house (aka mansion) so I could try some of these ideas.” Sigh. Most of us are dealing with smaller spaces and ways to make those look high end, glitzy and larger.

Well, you can. Like many magic tricks, it’s done with mirrors. Whether it’s mirrors on the wall, or mirrors on the furniture, they fill the bill of making a space sparkle and look larger.

As advises those who live in studio apartments: “Hang a large mirror across from a window in your studio apartment to take full advantage of its illuminating qualities. Mirrors open up a space and fool the eye making a space look larger than it is. Mirrors also reflect light which will brighten up the space, always a plus. A mirrored piece of furniture will also do the trick. Consider a mirrored bedside table, end table, or console table. Mirrored furniture appear to take up less space because they are reflective. They are also very stylish.”

What works in a studio apartment also works in a larger home. And, best of all, you don’t have to run out and buy a table or other piece of mirrored furniture. You can easily have a mirror cut and sized to fit a table you already have. Presto! Instant glamour! (Who says you have to be trained to do magic?)

And when you want a mirror, whether it’s for the wall or for a tabletop, call Don’s Mobile Glass. We have more than 55 years’ experience in Modesto and surrounding areas working with all types of mirrors and glass, from auto to residential to commercial to custom.

Let Don’s Help You Glam Up Your Home!

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