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Mirrors are an often over-looked element in residential, commercial, retail or restaurant design in California and other places.

When decorating their homes, many people want to end up with something creative. But sometimes it’s a little hard to know when creative ends and tacky begins. So many decide simply to rely on neutral. Neutral walls. Neutral drapes. Neutral upholstery. Ho Hum. ZZZZZZZZzzzzz.

But there is a way around that problem. Stay neutral but have smaller pieces that pop. If they go over the top, they’re easy to stick in the closet and forget you ever thought of them. If they work, so much the better. And, if you get tired of them, you don’t have to undergo major renovations to change them. One of those smaller pieces that’s often overlooked is the mirror.

As says, “The mirror is one of the most interesting element in the interior design. And even though it’s in every home, its function is entirely practical. It can really give unlimited possibilities for original interior design, but unfortunately, most people do not take advantage of that. Every home should have at least one mirror in which family members to see in full size.”

When you want a mirror – large or small – call Don’s Mobile Glass. We’ve been supplying custom glass and mirrors to residences and businesses in the Central Valley area for more than 55 years. With offices in Modesto, Manteca, Merced and Turlock, we’re always close. But we’re also mobile, so we come to you.

Let Don’s Help You Put a Pop in Your Décor!

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