Gaze Into the Mirror

When you want to make a style statement - in fashion or decor - start with a mirrored closet door.

A family friend – a former model – used to tell us when we were children that the trick to always looking put-together and self-confident was to check yourself in a full-length mirror just before you left the house and then forget about your appearance. It worked for her – gorgeous face and slender body aside – and it certainly prevented us from glancing in every mirror we passed while mentally criticizing every little bump or wrinkle. But what she neglected to say was that a full-length mirror could also be a great asset when you’re decorating your bedroom, bathroom or dressing room. And a really good place to hang that mirror is on a closet or wardrobe door.

As says, “Mirrored closet doors not only maximize mirror area, they can make a small room look bigger. … Mirrored doors are available in a wide array of sizes with a large selection of sizes and colors or styles of mirrors. Beveled, frosted glass, opaque, milky or colored glass panels are available as well as one-way and two-sided mirrors. … An opaque finish can turn them into attractive Japanese-style screens.”

When you decide to live like a model and install a handy closet, bath, or bedroom mirror, call Don’s Mobile Glass in Modesto. We also have offices in Turlock, Manteca and Merced and more than 55 years’ experience installing glass of all sorts – residential, commercial, retail, auto – throughout the Central Valley. We can help you decide the best place for your new mirror and the best size and style for your room and to complement your decor. If we don’t happen to have it handy, that’s okay, we do custom glasswork and can make sure you get the exact look you’re aiming for.

Let Don’s Help Your Inner Model Show Herself!

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