Do You Want Your Glass Clear, Frosted or in Colors? | Glass Shower Doors

You don't have to sacrifice privacy with a glass shower door.

If you’re planning on entering one of the run/walk events in Modesto this Saturday, you know the pleasure of a cool shower at the end of a hot training session. And you may also be daydreaming about upgrading your bathroom to include a glass shower or glass shower door. But you’ve been hesitant because, gorgeous as they are, that shiny clear glass just doesn’t seem to offer much privacy.

But that doesn’t have to be a concern, as explains. There are many ways to get those glass shower doors without sacrificing privacy. And the first way is to add a mirror. Yes, mirror-backed shower doors can reflect the light and hide those bits you don’t want seen. You can also frost or sandblast designs into the glass. Or, you could choose “obscured” glass.

“The ‘obscured’ style isn't acid etched but looks as though the glass has been stretched like clay. The designs of both styles [etched and obscured] are permanent,” ehow says. “Choose glass that looks like granite, with random clear and frosted areas, or pick doors covered in raindrops. Choose wrinkled or bumpy glass or glass doors with vertical stripes, polka dots, flowers, feathers--even a fleur-de-lis pattern.”

When you do decide to get glass shower doors – whether they’re clear glass, obscured, mirrored, etched, frosted, or otherwise decorated – Don’s Mobile Glass is the place to come. Don’s has been the go-to company for custom and replacement glass of all types, from auto glass to commercial glass to residential glass to glass shower doors, for more than 55 years. We have offices in Modesto, Turlock, Manteca and Merced to serve you. But we’re mobile, so we can come to you. Whether it’s a replacement windshield, a replacement window or a glass shower door, Don’s is the clear choice.

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