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Windows are the eyes of a building.

It’s been said by many people over the eons that the eyes are the window to the soul. If that’s true, and windows are the eyes of a building, does that make windows the soul of a structure? We at Don’s Mobile Glass like to think so. That’s because we know how the type and design of windows can change the look and feel of a building, whether it’s your home, a row of condos, or a massive office building or factory.

Just think of the message you’re sending when you not only choose a window design and style but when you decide where to put them. Think about bay windows, for example. As Better Homes and Gardens points out at, “Bay windows offer many advantages, such as stunning views, natural light, window seats in cozy alcoves, connections between indoors and out, and extra storage and floor space.” And a dormer window “can be used to balance your home's exterior elements, bring attention to certain areas of the facade, and add height and light to your home's interior.”

The same goes for windows used in commercial, retail, or office spaces. A seamless glass wall sends a contemporary message. Windows encased in old timey wooden frames can telegraph coziness inside, inviting customers to come in, sit awhile and buy lots of coffee, drinks, or food while they’re there enjoying the atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for the right window message to send about your home, business, office, farm, barn, factory, or tree house, call Don’s. We’ve got the experience and ideas to help the soul of your building stand out.

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