A Shower That Sparkles

When you want your bathroom to sparkle and shine, try custom glass shower doors.

When it comes time to buying and selling a home, real estate agents tell you that location, location, location is key. That’s true, but once a buyer decides where that perfect location is, what does he or she look at? Well, among other things, the bathroom. As decoist.com says, “Bathrooms are quickly becoming as important as any other feature of the home thanks to the amazing variations we get to see. Both creative thinking and technological feasibility have successfully brought the dream bathrooms into our own home.”

So, if you’re a seller -or just want to jazz up your bathroom so it stands out when visitors pop in – what can you do? Especially if your bathroom is small. Well, you can use glass. Again, as decoist says, “with most modern apartment spaces and houses being hard-pressed for space, it makes sense to ensure that one uses the available room to the hilt. Apart from simply maximizing on the existing room, glass shower doors bring in visual connectivity with the rest of the bathroom. This is a beautiful … way of creating an impression of larger space than what actually exists.”

When you decide you want a glass shower door, call Don’s Mobile Glass. We’ve been doing custom glass designs for homes, offices and businesses for more than 55 years in the Central Valley. And we have offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced so we’re conveniently located. (Even though location doesn’t necessarily count because we’re mobile – we come to you.) So whether you want a glass shower door or a whole glass shower room, call Don’s.

Let Don’s Help You Glam Up Your Bathroom!

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