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Top It Off with Glass

Re-doing your kitchen? Think glass! Want to add value to your home? According to, top of the list for upgrading your home is a kitchen re-do. And one of the biggest changes you can make are your countertops. If you’re a bit tired of granite and other stone and still want the elegance while…
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A Stairway to Design Heaven

A glass stairway can make your home, office, or business memorable. Stairs are something most people don’t think of very often, unless you’re trudging up them at the end of a long, tiring day. But staircases can make some of the most memorable statements out there. Just think of iconic staircases in movies. Those range…
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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Or on the door. Or the ceiling. Or anywhere you like. People who’ve gone to Pier 39 in San Francisco may be familiar with Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze. SF Weekly once described it as “possibly the most psychedelic place one can legally reach within the city limits. Black lights set this labyrinth of mirrors aglow,…
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Let the Sun Shine In

It may no longer be the Age of Aquarius, but letting light in is good design. One place few people visit unless they’re going somewhere by train is the Amtrak station on Held Drive. But for the Amtrak folks, it’s an iconic station that is featured on its website. That site is devoted to…
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Dream of Glass Shelves

Glass shelves serve many functions in a home or office. It’s hot outside and there’s no end in sight with temperatures about 10 degrees above normal, the Modesto Bee reports. Sounds like a good time to stay in your cool air conditioned home and think about decorating with glass. We’re not talking about tchotchkes, we’re…
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Dreaming of a Glass Shower?

We do custom designs and installations. Even though the USA is out, lots of people will spend at least part of today (after the Modesto parade and Mid-Valley Chevy Club Car Show, of course) watching Brazil vs. Colombia and France vs. Germany in the next round of the World Cup. Others will spend it cooking…
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Our Technicians Are Certified to Provide the Best, Safest Service

Ask about the Auto Glass Safety Council's certification requirements. Sometimes people wonder about the best way to choose someone to repair or replace their windshield if it is chipped, cracked, or shattered. We at Don’s Mobile Glass suggest you ask several questions. One of the first should be about the training and experience your installer…
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Welcome to Don’s New Website

We're here for all your glass needs. Hi, and welcome to our new website. Take a look around and learn a bit about us. We’ve been around for more than 50 years now and we’re looking forward to another 50 (at least). We specialize in glass of all types – auto, residential and commercial. And…
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Don Monaco, Founder

Don’s Mobile Glass is deeply rooted in the community and continuously gives back by supporting numerous organizations, charities and local events.   Company founder Don Monaco built the company on a foundation of community involvement and participation, a principle that he and his employees a Don's Mobile Glass continue today. Don founded the Don’s Mobile Glass…
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