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Don’t put off windshield repair even if a chip seems to be small and doesn’t interfere with your line of sight.

When you were on the way home last night, a rock flew up and hit your windshield. Now you have a small chip in your windshield. It’s so small that you’re thinking you can put off the repair (you have a lot to do this weekend) and fix it yourself with one of those DIY kits when you get a chance. Maybe you’ll get around to it when you get home tomorrow after Modstock.

While it’s understandable that you might want to spend your time doing needed errands and going fun places rather than dealing with a windshield repair, it’s unwise to put it off. It’s also unwise to try to do windshield repair yourself, no matter how small the chip. explains: “Chips … are easier to repair when the damage has just occurred. Over time ... dirt [gets]  into the crack, making it harder to seal.”

Edmunds suggests carrying a roll of clear tape in the car you can put over the chip until you can call a glass repair specialist, like those at Don’s Mobile Glass.

As for the kits, Edmunds says that “they don't do the job as well as the professionals can do it. The pros have better equipment and much more experience.”

The auto glass experts at Don’s Mobile Glass have more than 55 years’ experience doing windshield repair and windshield replacement in the Central Valley. Don’s is also convenient with locations in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced. But, better yet, as our name suggests, Don’s is mobile, so we come to you – wherever you need us, even at Modstock.

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