It's pretty common for worn wiper blades or grit caught in wipers to scratch and scrape windshields leaving you to search for a windshield repair service.

With all the road and sewer projects around Modesto, it’s hard to find a street that isn’t torn up and dusty. This morning on your way to work, you drove through one of the construction zones and turned on your windshield washer to get rid of the dust. What you didn’t realize is that there must have been some grit caught in the wiper blades because now you have scratches all across your windshield.

Your initial reaction might be that there’s no need to fix those, especially if they’re not impairing your vision. But that’s not a good plan. As explains, scratches can become worse over time. Your best bet is to call Don’s Mobile Glass and have us come over and get rid of those scratches or cracks. Soon, your windshield will look like new.

Don’s has been the reliable auto glass repair company in the Central Valley for more than 55 years. We have offices in Modesto, Manteca, Turlock and Merced, so we’re never very far from you. When you need windshield repair or glass repair, call Don’s Mobile Glass. Oh, and you might also want to get some new windshield wipers.

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