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Glass is the way to make a statement, large or small, in the entryway to your home or business.

The entryway is one of the most important elements of a building whether it’s going to be a home, office, restaurant, store, or any other structure that’s going to have people come inside. As Building Design+Construction says, “Entryways speak volumes about a building’s character and function. From the façade and the entry’s frame or arch to the door material and hardware, these access points can be grand and celebratory or modest and secure. In any event, they represent the first direct point of interaction with the public, so aesthetics and capabilities play a key role at these key building nodes.”

And one of the most popular materials for entryways is glass whether it’s a wall of glass, a glass door, glass sidelights, or a simple pane of glass in a door. But not just any glass. BD+C notes that it surveyed builders and designers and found that: “For both windows and doors, respondents … ranked these four factors as most important: energy/thermal performance, durability and reliability, weather resistance, and aesthetics.”

Whether you want windows, doors or just a glass pane here and there, you want to call Don’s Mobile Glass. We have 55-plus years’ experience in the Central Valley area around Modesto providing all types of glass from windshields to replacement windows to commercial and custom glass. We work with homeowners, architects and designers to provide a product that meets all those four criteria – thermally sound, durable and reliable, weather resistant, and attractive.

Let Don’s Help You Create An Entryway That Sets Off Your Home or Business!

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