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Road Construction – Watch for Flying Debris

Road construction means flying debris and could have you searching for a windshield repair company. When you look at a car on a showroom floor, all you see is shine. Shiny body. Shiny windshield. Shiny windows. While those windows shine, the glass in them is very different from that in the windshield. That’s because a…
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Squeaky Clean Glass

Getting glass clean and streak free doesn't have to be a hassle, Don's can help. You’re pulling out of your driveway on the way to today’s Turlock Lake Road Race when you notice that you really ought to clean your windows. Ugh. Window cleaning is no one’s favorite job even though sparkly, streak-free windows really…
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It’s Pothole Season, Watch for Flying Debris

You don't have to hit a big pothole to fling up debris that will have you searching for windshield repair or windshield replacement in the Central Valley. Helping to prove our theory that there’s a “day” for everything, yesterday (March 25) was World Pothole Day. Unlike many such “days” when the idea is to celebrate…
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Broken Window? No Problem!

When you need windows repaired or replaced, call Don's Mobile Glass. You can tell it’s spring by the golf tournaments that are popping up all over, like the one this Friday sponsored by the Turlock Chamber of Commerce. Golf is great, except when you decide not to wait until you get to the driving range…
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We Fix Windshields, Anytime, Anyplace

If you need windshield repair or replacement, Don's Mobile Glass comes to you. You don’t know quite how it happened, but it did. When you went to get in your car to go to Lucky Fest, you saw it. A crack in your windshield. Now you’re wondering if you can put off windshield repair or…
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Take Care of Your Windshield

With a bit of care, you can avoid some causes of windshield cracks so you won't be searching for a Modesto auto glass expert. After much study and consideration, you’ve finally decided not only to buy a new car but which car you want. Once you get that shiny beauty sitting in your drive, you…
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Bocce Ball Bash

Bocce balls and windshields don't mix. When you need auto glass repair in Modesto, think Don's Mobile Glass. The trouble with having St. Patrick’s Day in the middle of the week is that you don’t get to celebrate (much) on the day. The good part about having St. Patrick’s Day in the middle of the…
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Keep Those Windshields Clean

The best way to avoid needing auto glass repair in the Modesto area is to keep it clean. Some of the good news from the past week came from the Department of Transportation, which began the first phase of the Ferguson Project. The plan is designed to reopen and permanently restore a section on State…
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Spring Showers

Wash off that allergy-causing pollen behind your new glass shower door. The sound of spring is in the air. No, we don’t mean chirps of crickets and birds, we’re talking about the sneezes, sniffles and coughs of allergy season. According to, the pollen allergy forecast for Modesto today is “high,” although it’s expected to…
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Windshields Fixed Anywhere

You go rafting or have other fun and we'll do windshield repair while you're gone. One of the joys of living in the Central Valley is whitewater rafting along the Stanislaus, Merced, or other rivers. But the downside of doing so – or going anywhere that’s kind of undeveloped – is roadbeds that have rocks…
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